Moggy Poppins was the idea of garden designer, Joanne Winn.

Moggy Poppins is a small friendly business run by animal lover and horticulturalist, Joanne with occasional help from family and trusted friends. We are not an agency, so this enables us to get to know your pets and fully understand their needs and routine.

Moggy Poppins (previously Animal Botanical) was started in 2009 by garden designer, Joanne who wanted to answer her customers’ problems of keeping their newly designed and planted gardens watered and maintained throughout their summer holidays. It soon became clear that there was also a demand for the watering service to be combined with pet care.

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We're not an agency...

Moggy Poppins is not an agency and is run by Joanne, with emergency cover from family and friends. This enables your pets to get to know us and for us to fully understand their needs and routine. We are fully insured by Cliverton.

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Home Pet Care

For Cats

For most cats, a car journey is a very traumatic experience and time shut away in a cattery can be confusing and upsetting. Cats are very sensitive to unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells and would usually prefer to stay at home in familiar surroundings where they feel safe and secure.

Home pet care offers a more cost-effective solution to a cattery, particularly if you have more than one cat. Usually there would be the need to drop off cats at a cattery a day before you leave, and to pick them up the day after your return, potentially adding two or more extra days’ costs.

Home Care

While You Are Away

Regular visits while you are away also offer security and peace of mind that someone is looking after your property in your absence. Once you are registered with us, we can usually help in an emergency should you be kept late at the office or need to dash off somewhere unexpectedly.

If you have invested time and money nurturing your garden, it is so sad to come back from holiday to a garden that has suffered from lack of water and attention. Moggy Poppins will do the essentials such as watering, dead heading, harvesting and refrigerating your fruit and vegetables so that your hard work does not go to waste..

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Help at Short Notice

Peace of Mind

Sometimes things happen that mean you might need to drop everything and go away suddenly. At times like this it is reassuring to know that Moggy Poppins can usually help at short notice. Just call us and we will pop in to collect a key and instructions! Once you are registered with us, we can help at the drop of a hat should you be kept late at the office or need to dash off somewhere unexpectedly.

Booking with Moggy Poppins is simple. Call for a free, no obligation, initial consultation. Following our meeting with you and your pets, if you decide to book with us there will be a simple form to complete with your details, your pet’s requirements and authorisation. Your keys can be collected at this meeting or can be dropped off at Moggy Poppins in Wallington just before you go away.

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If you would like to discuss any of our services, or you would like to know more about us, please feel free to get in touch.